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Happy Birthday Alan Menken!

Tony Award winner Alan Menken was born on July 22. Find out more about the composer of Beauty and the Beast, Little Shop of Horrors, The Little MermaidNewsies and more at


There ARE laws against this. It’s called rape by deception or fraudulent rape and basically, it’s anytime the conditions of your consent are compromised. In a situation like this, you consented to protected sex. By having sex in a way you did not consent to, a crime WAS committed and he could be charged if any physical effects like pregnancy or STD occurred. Remember, ANY SEXUAL ACTIVITY YOU DON’T CONSENT TO IS RAPE. 

If a guy does this, it’s rape. Call the cops. Ruin his life since he has no problem risking yours. Make him fucking learn. Rapists belong in jail. Rape by deception is rape, not a funny “meme”. 

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Hey everyone, I’ve been feeling generous lately, so… it’s time for my first horror giveaway!

What You Get:

One House of 1000 Corpses poster

One The Devil’s Reject’s poster

A DVD copy of House of 1000 Corpses

A two-sided Japanese House of 1000 Corpses onesheet signed by Bill Moseley himself

A Captain Spaulding Headknocker bobblehead

… and an Otis Driftwood art print!

Pretty cool, right? This is $100 worth of stuff that you can win for FREE!


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The giveaway ends July 25th, 6:00pm CST.

A winner will be selected with a randomizer and announced the following day, July 26th.

Good luck everyone! 

A little over a week left!

There are three days remaining before the giveaway ends and a winner is announced. Get your entries in!




new aesthetic: halloweenpunk

  • costumes
  • the faint smell of candy in the air
  • spooky lawn decorations
  • graveyards
  • fog machines
  • orange/purple/black color scheme
  • jack o lanterns
  • monsters and other various creatures of the night
  • fake blood
  • skeleton gifs
  • music ranging from ghostbusters to monster mash to thriller

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YES x 1031!


anna and elsa. They have the type of faces I like to draw so it’s easier for me to draw them as opposed to other disney princesses @_@


Prettylittleimperfecti0ns’s ARTRAVE Look!


Space Foxes (because space animals are fun).